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Vision 2050 is the Canadian electricity industry’s vision for the evolution of Canada’s electricity system between now and 2050. It sheds light on the urgent need for action both on policy development and infrastructure investment, and proposes practical and proactive strategies and actions aimed at renewing the electricity system so as to deliver maximum value to customers and citizens, and contribute to a low-carbon economy. To these ends, Vision 2050 centers on four key areas that are likely to produce the greatest transformations.


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Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System Vision 2050:
Executive Summary
Vision 2050:
At a Glance
Electric Utility Innovation Toward Vision 2050


Media Contact

For more information on the Canadian Electricity Association’s vision for the future of Canada’s electricity system, or to interview one of our subject matter experts on any of the topics addressed in the report, please contact:

Samara Wiseman
Manager, Public Affairs
Tel.: 613 688 2954