It’s Time to Decide

The decisions that Canada makes today, and over the next five to 10 years, will have a huge impact on what our system will look like in 2050.

Far-reaching, Vision 2050 represents a new, more ambitious role for electricity in Canada. It calls for a new level of leadership, as well as supporting actions from governments, regulators, and utilities. Public understanding and support will be essential. It will evolve with time and through conversations with citizens and stakeholders.

Vision 2050 is also an opportunity. It responds to growing customer expectations for a more responsive and innovative electricity system. It is a chance to strengthen environmental outcomes and generate additional revenues in the process. It is an opportunity to continue delivering the three pillars of a strong electricity system – reliability, affordability and sustainability.

Vision 2050 represents a real choice to pursue a proactive and coordinated approach to shaping our electricity future over a passive and fragmented approach. As with so many choices, it will not be available forever.

It’s time to decide.