Time for a Vision

Change in the electricity industry tends to come in waves. The industry is designed to be conservative and controlled, so it can ensure reliability. Planning horizons are measured in decades, if not generations, with long periods of silence broken by moments of change.

This is one of those moments of change in Canada’s – and indeed North America’s – electricity system. There are several reasons why:

    • Many electricity assets are approaching their end of life and must be replaced;
    • Developments in information technology (IT) and automation raise exciting possibilities for a reconfigured electrical grid;
    • Extreme weather reminds us of our reliance on critical electrical infrastructure;
    • Many stakeholders are advocating greater forms of regional integration in North America.

It’s time to modernize our electricity system for the next generation.

Introducing Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System.

The Canadian electricity industry has taken a forward view and developed a vision for the future. Vision 2050 centers on a commitment to renew Canada’s electricity system through the optimal evolution of electricity supply and demand, so as to deliver maximum value to customers and citizens, and contribute to a lower carbon economy.

Vision 2050 begins by framing the context for making decisions about electricity, including the electricity system’s unique and important features, the likeliest future scenario and variables that may impact on it, as well as the important drivers of change and decisions that Canadians will need to make in the next five to 10 years.


Part1 Part 1 discusses the fundamental characteristics of the electricity system that ought to be taken into account in any strategic planning or visioning exercise. Part2 Part 2 discusses the most likely scenario for the mix of power generation and includes data for future energy supply and demand scenarios.
Part3 Part 3 identifies the key variables that will impact the future of the system including the size, composition, management and economic variables that highlight the important choices that must be made over the next decade in Canada. Part4 Part 4 makes the case for the urgency of action.
Part5 Taking into account these earlier discussions, Part 5 offers a vision for Canada’s electricity future, its objectives and proposed recommendations. Part6 Vision 2050 creates an opportunity to continue delivering the three pillars of a strong electricity system – reliability, affordability and sustainability.

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) welcomes your views on Vision 2050. Contact us at info@electricity.ca.


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