Electricity is Essential to Daily Life

It may seem obvious, but electricity has become an indispensable necessity. It powers the machines that keep our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals safe, comfortable and convenient. The importance of that simple statement is clear every time that there is a power disruption. Thankfully, disruptions are remarkably infrequent. The longer and wider the disruption is the more everyday life changes. In those times, no one takes electricity for granted.

It’s worth taking a moment to contemplate how essential electricity is to modern life and the benefits it brings. Refrigeration and washing machines. Home entertainment electronics that didn’t even exist a decade ago. Smart phones and all manner of computers. Water purification and home heating. Television and global communications. Traffic signals and street lights. Medical technology and classrooms. Industrial machines and information systems. Businesses and stores. They all depend on the power being there reliably and in plentiful supply.

We all have to decide what that’s worth, because it has a cost that we all pay.