Eel River Converter Station

The Eel River Converter Station is a high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station located in Eel River Crossing, NB. The main driver for construction of the Eel River Station in the early 1970s was the development of the Churchill Falls Hydro Project, which provided a large block of inexpensive surplus energy to eastern Canada. The 350 MW transfer capability between Québec and New Brunswick through Eel River enabled NB Power to participate in the movement of energy from Québec and Labrador to New Brunswick and other neighbouring markets.

In addition to the import/export funcation, the Eel River HVDC Converter Station plays a significant role in providing reliability to the bulk power system in New Brunswick. The station operated for 42 years without requiring significant investment. However, since much of the station equipment was at end-of-life, upgrades were necessary for the station to continue operation. The Station underwent a significant overhaul project over a 20 month period and resumed commercial operations on November 12, 2014.