Biomass Plant

We operate a biomass power plant in Port Hawkesbury, which supplies as much as 3% of the province’s electricity. It’s a facility that enables us to supply Nova Scotia with renewable energy when the wind isn’t blowing. It’s a locally sourced fuel that helps displace imported coal. Biomass may be comprised of different organic material depending on use and location, but the fuel used in the Port Hawkesbury plant is wood that has no other commercial use – generally hardwood that is crooked, knotty or diseased. It also must be stem wood, meaning that branches and roots are left to decompose and replenish the soil where the biomass is harvested. The idea of using biomass to generate electricity is not unique to Nova Scotia. Biomass fuel makes up an important part of the generation mix in a number of jurisdictions in Europe and North America. In Denmark, biomass supplies up to 12% of the country’s electricity.