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    All day
    Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

    Engage with industry leaders, forge new relationships and gain the latest intelligence you need to navigate Ontario’s evolving power sector. You’ll hear from key stakeholders from across North America as they share strategies for keeping carbon emissions low, controlling rising electricity costs and managing consumer expectations.

    Secure your spot to ensure you and your team are up-to-date on the most important developments surrounding Ontario’s energy future!


    For more information visit: www.canadianinstitute.com/6th-annual-ontario-power-symposium/

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    All day
    1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada

    Gain Practical Insights from National and International Experts and Leaders

    Join us to hear experts from across Canada and internationally share their insights on how to proactively manage the transition to a low carbon growth path. You will learn about Canada’s main policy priorities and the options that are being explored to reduce carbon emissions while also de-linking them from economic growth.

    You will have an opportunity to learn from, and network with, industry experts, government leaders and strategic thinkers with expertise on carbon management and reduction as they relate to planning, policy and practice. By attending this inaugural event, you will gain a variety of insights on what Canada’s low carbon growth path might look like and have the opportunity to consider with experts, the implications for industry, all levels of government and the Canadian public at large.

    Meet, work and explore the issues with your peers and colleagues from both the public and private sectors at this timely and important event. You will learn about the most recent developments in policies, emissions targets, technology and strategies that can be advanced as we navigate this new future. You will also be among the first to hear the results of the Conference Board’s study on how to de-carbonize Canada’s economy over the next 35 years.

    Topics for discussion at the conference will include:

    • Federal and provincial carbon pricing approaches
    • Federal and provincial action plans at the sectoral level
    • Economic implications of emerging carbon policies for industries and companies
    • Actions being taken to reduce GHG emissions in transportation
    • Technologies that can reduce the carbon intensity of energy production
    • Approaches to reducing the carbon intensity of buildings
    • The role of cities, urban planning, and transportation planning in reducing GHG emissions
    • Who will likely be the winners and losers
    • The impacts of carbon pricing on the competitiveness of Canadian exports
    • How Canadian economic growth can be facilitated during the transition to a low-carbon economy

    If you have a strategic interest in better understanding Canada’s growth path to a low carbon future and how to manage this transition, then this event is a must-attend!

    For more information visit: www.conferenceboard.ca/conf/energy/default.aspx

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    All day
    105 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3, Canada

    With the first auction launching this March 2017, industry participants are looking to understand the commercial liabilities and potential opportunities of Ontario’s new cap and trade market. The Ontario Cap and Trade Forum will offer program participants timely and business-critical information for navigating market uncertainties and developing successful carbon strategies for the province.

    By bringing together all the key stakeholders involved in cap and trade from industry, government, legal, and finance, the Forum will address key program concerns and outline best practices for managing carbon exposure, trading, and offsets as well as identifying potential business opportunities.

    The Forum will also offer outside perspectives from international carbon market experts on key topics for Ontario industries including carbon leakage, trading, and post-2020 business planning.


    For more information please visit: www.capandtrade.canadianclean.com/