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13March, 2017

Electricity for Another World

Many of us take electricity for granted. Actually I’d go as far and say that almost 100% of us do. I know I do. I flick a switch and voila! Lights on. Amazing, magical even. With the birth of electricity we have some pretty amazing tools, the light-bulb for starters, the computer, smartphones, air conditioning,  […]

6March, 2017

The Case for Pragmatic Innovation

When using the term “renewable revolution”, many conjure up images of the French Revolution, when an entire social and political system was upended in under ten years. While technological revolutions can sometimes occur rapidly (i.e. the Internet Revolution), more often they are much slower. Such is the case with the Industrial Revolution that arguably began […]

8February, 2017

Christmas Eve Blackout

The holiday season is filled with common traditions like Christmas trees and family dinners. In the province of Quebec, a more unusual, and unplanned, holiday tradition is Candlelight Christmas. Over the last five years Hydro Quebec’s distribution system has been impacted by severe weather events in late December.

One of the most memorable outages was Christmas […]

3February, 2017

Powering the Walking Dead

February 12th, 2017 is fast approaching.

You might be saying to yourself, “February 12th, so what?” This year, in my household, February 12th holds a higher priority then February 14th. And here is why.

Imagine a time where there was no electricity.

Often we might jump into the old west or medieval times, into a film like Robin […]

20January, 2017

How is Big Data Impacting the Future of Utilities?

Big data is reshaping society and the services used by citizens on a daily basis – energy included. Big data is not just for retailers looking to track product sales. It transforms decision-making within an organization, enhances the allotment of resources and takes customer experience above and beyond.

Utilities are now tapping into the huge benefit […]