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15April, 2016

CEA’s Top 10 Recommendations for Powering a Continental Clean Energy and Environment Agreement

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We released The North American Grid: Powering Cooperation on Clean Energy & the Environment on April 19, 2016. Motivated by the Government of Canada’s active pursuit of a new continental agreement on clean energy and the environment, this paper outlines CEA’s top 10 recommendations.

Against the backdrop of a global consensus to combat climate change, North […]

30March, 2016

Business Opportunities for Canadian Companies on the Japanese Energy Grid

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Japan consumes 5% of the world’s total amount of electricity, and is the second largest consumer per unit of area of all first world nations. Japan is also one of the highest regionally-concentrated consumers in the world. With an upcoming large-scale liberalization of the Japanese electricity system, there are projected business opportunities for foreign companies […]

23March, 2016

Budget 2016 Highlights

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Electricity is indispensable to our high quality of life. Canadian families, and the Canadian economy, cannot function without access to safe, sustainable and reliable electricity. Over the next 20 years significant investment will be required to renew aging infrastructure and meet growing demand. CEA looks forward to working with the government to advance regional electricity […]

16March, 2016

How Will the Advent of Storage Technology Change the Energy Game As We Know It?

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A big hot topic for utilities right now is the introduction of storage technology into the aging energy infrastructure. Before now, the possibility of storing energy for future use was very limited. Already, utility leaders are seeing how the increased use of storage will result in innovative yet disruptive advances in the utility business, but […]

9March, 2016

CAN/ULC – S801 “Good Safety Truly is Good Business”

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In the electrical utility world safety as always is critical and paramount to everything we do. This is a given and is in the DNA of every utility crew, supervisor and manager in the utility business.

There is great accountability to ensure that the power stays on for the customers. Its goes way beyond convenience and […]