26February, 2016

Partnering for Green Power in the 21st Century

Vancouver plays host to two significant and complementary events designed to help propel Canada towards a greener future.

At the Conference Centre, Prime Minister Trudeau will meet with provincial Premiers on March 3rd to discuss a national climate change strategy. And across the lobby, some two thousand business, non-governmental organization, and Indigenous leaders will debate green […]

1June, 2015

Marking National Electricity Month with New Electricity Literacy Tools

With technology making strides in leaps and bounds, we have become entirely dependent on our devices, appliances, gizmos, and gadgets, leaving us ever more reliant on that which powers them.

Though undetectable to the naked eye, electricity is the fuel behind our every movement. It powers the tools of surgeons. It powers our factories. It wakes […]

18February, 2015

My New Job as President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association

Everyone reacts differently to their first day at a new job. Some people are nervous—nervous to take on a new role at a new organization, surrounded by new colleagues. Others are overwhelmed—overwhelmed by the onslaught of information coming at them as they adjust to the processes, demands, and inner workings of their new role and […]