25November, 2011

Clean Electricity Sets Canada Apart

As published by Mediaplanet Publishing House Ltd and circulated in the National Post newspaper on November 24, 2011.

Our world increasingly demands cleaner energy. Canada’s electricity sector delivers.

According to Statistics Canada, roughly 80 per cent of Canada’s electricity is generated from non- and lower-emitting sources. Very few countries enjoy such a clean power system.

Even better, this clean […]

10October, 2011

The Canadian Electricity Infrastructure Deficit

It’s time for Canadians to focus on the urgency of making multi-billion-dollar investments to upgrade, repair and expand the electricity infrastructure across Canada.

Capital investment in electricity infrastructure declined dramatically in the 1990s. After reaching a peak of $15 billion in 1991, investment fell rapidly to just $5.3 billion in 1997 as a result of overcapacity, […]

16June, 2011

The Strategic Importance of Electricity to the Canadian Economy

Most of our electricity production is to satisfy domestic demand – the World Bank reports that Canada’s per capita electricity consumption is among the highest in the world, largely because of our cold northern climate and our energy dependent resource-based economy. The sector is also a major exporter, with Canadian exports to the U.S. totaling […]

26May, 2011

The Value of Electricity

My travels across the country talking about the Canadian electricity system have provided the opportunity to ponder the price-value issue around electricity. The following is intended to shed some light on the matter.

What’s the true value of electricity to Canada? Is value determined by price alone, or is it more than that?

In our society, the […]

5May, 2011

Know Your Power Website

I am pleased to be the one to post the first blog on our new website,

This website grew out of a realization that we need to create a dialogue across Canada about our electricity system for the 21st century. We need people to understand more about their power supply and the decisions that collectively […]