23March, 2016

Budget 2016 Highlights

Electricity is indispensable to our high quality of life. Canadian families, and the Canadian economy, cannot function without access to safe, sustainable and reliable electricity. Over the next 20 years significant investment will be required to renew aging infrastructure and meet growing demand. CEA looks forward to working with the government to advance regional electricity […]

4March, 2016

Recommendations for Budget 2016

Electricity is indispensable to Canadian’s quality of life and the competitiveness of our economy. Canada’s electricity system has adapted to meet our country’s needs for over 140 years and it continues to be a strategic asset today.

The electricity sector is in a transformational period facing two critical challenges: the need to invest $350 billion dollars […]

3March, 2016

1- Support Canada’s Renewal of Infrastructure

Renewal of core electricity infrastructure is a top priority for CEA members, and one that comes with immense opportunity. Additionally, new and emerging technologies require grid modernization to go beyond simple replacement and maintenance.

CEA sees an enduring need for federal support for electricity infrastructure projects that have significant potential to deliver a wide range of […]

3March, 2016

2- Enhance protection of electricity Critical Infrastructure

The security of our electricity sector is essential— and cyber-attacks against the grid continue to rise. Power disruptions are not just inconvenient, they are costly. CEA recommends that Budget 2016 honour previous commitments to increase funding for Public Safety Canada’s Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC).

In its position as Canada’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), the […]

3March, 2016

3- Make a sustained and long term commitment to The Office of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency increases the competitiveness of businesses and industry by reducing energy overhead and input costs. It reduces household budgets and is widely recognized as one of the most cost effective ways to reduce emissions – producing tangible benefits for the environment.

Canadian electric utilities recognize that the effectiveness of energy efficiency activities can be maximized […]