3February, 2017

Powering the Walking Dead

February 12th, 2017 is fast approaching.

You might be saying to yourself, “February 12th, so what?” This year, in my household, February 12th holds a higher priority then February 14th. And here is why.

Imagine a time where there was no electricity.

Often we might jump into the old west or medieval times, into a film like Robin […]

5February, 2016

Data Driven Outage Restoration

We see and read about it in the news, in articles, in countless infographics, no matter how you look at it the word is out. Data is everywhere. Data is growing. There is no living without it. It can do wonders!

Such was witnessed at the data driven outage restoration summit this past month in Miami, […]

30June, 2014

Five Success Factors in Building an Asset Health Index

Ask yourself: What is your biggest asset? Some might say their home or their pension; and others will say their job.

How about you? Can you be a capital asset? Do you have a value? Can you be maintained? Can your longevity be enhanced? Look at yourself for a minute–do you know how fast you can […]

11June, 2014

What My Crystal Ball Tells Me About the Future of Analytics

Hollywood films would have us believe that in the future, we’ll be wearing self-lacing shoes and cruising around on hovering skateboards at this point in time. At the other end of the prediction spectrum, how about this quote from almost fifty years ago:


“I have traveled the length and breadth of this country and talked with […]

28January, 2014

Learning from Sun Tzu: How utilities can prepare for the next Major Event

Days into the New Year, sheets of ice were coating the ground, homes, vehicles, poles and hydro wires. Was this the first Major Event — as we call widespread power outages — of 2014?

Looking back at 2013, there were power outages. Then there were Power Outages, such as the Alberta Flooding in June 2013, and […]