22July, 2016

Electricity Infrastructure: A Strong Foundation for Increased Aboriginal Engagement

The unprecedented electricity infrastructure investments Canada must undertake between now and 2030 represent a tremendous opportunity for all Canadians, and Aboriginal communities in particular. CEA and its members have long recognized the importance of establishing permanent and mutually-beneficial relationships with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

The many successful collaborative projects and relationships between members and local […]

11July, 2016

Setting the Climate Change Mandates in Motion: Who, What, Where, When?







Just over seven months ago, Alberta’s new climate leadership initiatives was announced by the NDP Government. Given the ambitious mandates – including phasing out coal generation, replacing two-thirds of that energy with renewables, and having renewable energy comprise 30% of Alberta’s electricity production by 2030 – the implementation of the Climate Leadership Plan raises many […]

29June, 2016

Electric Auto Pact is Logical Next Step for Three Amigos

The leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada are expected to walk away from their meetings this week with new continental commitments to tackle climate change and boost clean energy generation.

It’s a logical and smart move: all three have made climate action a priority at home and abroad, and in light of the international […]

22June, 2016

Electricity: A Driver for Social Change in Canada’s North

Canada was built on the principles of equality and opportunity.  Yet remote and northern communities still lack access to safe and reliable power.  Despite the enormous potential for clean energy, the vast majority rely on expensive, imported diesel-fuel for meeting their basic energy needs.

Canada suffers from significant “energy inequality” when it comes to our remote […]

13June, 2016

Adapting to Climate Change

At last year’s COP21 Climate Conference, Prime Minister Trudeau, together with the Premiers, renewed Canada’s commitment to addressing climate change.

“We view climate change not just as the challenge it is but also as an historic opportunity to build a sustainable economy based on clean technology, green infrastructure, and green jobs,” he said. “We will not […]