27May, 2015

Dealerships are key to electric vehicle sales and we’re celebrating the great ones!

Two years ago Plug’n Drive approached the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) with the idea of running an Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards (EV Dealership Awards) program. Dealerships are crucial to the sale of electric vehicles; they’re the first place customers go for a test drive and the place where papers are signed, keys are exchanged, and […]

21October, 2013

Advancing EVs by Recognizing the Top EV Dealers!

As you know, at Plug’n Drive we are big fans of electric cars because of their potential to reduce CO2 emissions while providing local economic benefits by using up surplus off-peak electricity. Cleaner air benefits all Canadians, as does the overall efficiency of our energy systems.

As a group that spends a lot of time doing […]

13August, 2012

Driving Canada’s Clean Energy Future

I have to be honest. This is my first blog post. Ever. I am guest blogging for “Know Your Power” to document some of the important and exciting developments around electric cars and my experiences in promoting their adoption.

First things first.  People are always asking me why I started Plug’nDrive. I had a great job as VP […]