7July, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes with a System Control Centre Scheduler

Every time we flick a switch, the lights come on. We don’t think much about it. But behind the scenes, there is a complex system of generators, power lines, and computer networks—and a huge workforce of 108,000—that keeps the electricity flowing to our homes and businesses on a daily basis.

ENMAX Power Corporation, for example, transmits […]

24June, 2014

“Your Needs Power What We Do:” Chatting with a System Control Operator (Part 2)

Earlier today, I posted the first part of my conversation with Myles O’Brien, a 40-year-old System Control Operator in Yukon Energy’s control centre. He explained what it is exactly that a System Control Operator does, and what led him to pursue a career in the electricity industry. In the second part of our chat, Myles […]

24June, 2014

“Someone Needs to Control the Power Grid:” Chatting with a System Control Operator

National Electricity Month is all about learning how the electricity system works. In addition to the generating stations that produce electricity, and the thousands of kilometers of transmission and distribution lines that deliver it to our homes and businesses, there is a workforce of more than 108,000 people across Canada who work to ensure that […]

11June, 2014

A New Generation Takes Up the Challenge

As the baby-boom generation retires, many sectors of the economy are facing skilled worker shortages.

This major demographic challenge is especially acute in the electricity and renewables sectors, where an aging workforce and the looming retirement of a large percentage of skilled and experienced employees mean that we’ll need to replace more than 40 per cent […]